Erin Strecker
September 30, 2013 at 03:16 PM EDT

While we don’t know the exact ratings for last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad, it’s safe to say there were a ton of people engaged on social media during the 75-minute final installment.

Facebook has just released some info, and it backs up what you already know: People had a lot of thoughts about the finale — and then needed to share them with their co-workers, friends and that guy you met at a party once who now “Likes” half your statuses.

On Facebook, over 3 million people generated over 5.5 million interactions about the Breaking Bad season finale. For the entire season (not including last night) 11 million people generated a total of 23 million interactions. 

Previously, Facebook shared that the most active Breaking Bad fans came from New Mexico, followed by New York and Arizona. In addition, fans all over the world were eagerly anticipating the next moment between Walt and Jesse: Outside the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom had the most vocal Breaking Bad fans this season.

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