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On My iPod: Hannah Simone

On ”New Girl” Simone, 33, plays Zooey Deschanel’s model BFF, but in real life she got her start as a VJ on Canada’s MuchMusic, so it’s no surprise her playlist runs deep

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The Weeknd, ”Wicked Games”
”The Weeknd is the dopeness. It’s sexy and dirty, but it’s an honest dirty. He’s really going there. It doesn’t feel gratuitous because it’s gritty and sad, too.”

Leonard Cohen, ”Bird On The Wire”
”I saw him once in Toronto, and it was like being at church. Everybody sat pin-drop silent. He sang this, and it’s such an amazing lyric: ‘Like a drunk in a midnight choir.’ He just paints such incredible images.”

Cat Stevens, ”Sad Lisa”
”I grew up all over the place. When we were in Saudi Arabia, there was no music, so we only had what our parents brought. It’s such a beautiful story of a girl, and he tells it so well.”

Tegan and Sara, ”The Con”
”The story of the album can be told forward and backward. It’s amazing — like listening to one huge song. I interviewed them a couple of times, and they were always just the coolest girls.”

The Gourds, ”Gin and Juice”
”I lived in London with my two Canadian roommates, and we had long workdays. I would try to rally to go out to the pub, so we’d put on this Snoop Dogg cover. It’s like a honky-tonk version. It would make us all laugh, and we’d all sing along. Then we knew we were going out.”