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Netflix launches website to stop 'Breaking Bad' spoilers on Twitter

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Whether you’re just now starting to binge-watch Breaking Bad as a whole or you’re  just a few hours behind on the latest episode, Netflix is making sure you don’t find out Walt’s fate before you’re ready.

Netflix, which houses Breaking Bad‘s entire library, has launched a Spoiler Foiler to block all tweets that could potentially spoil anything Breaking Bad-related. By going to the website and logging on to your Twitter account from there, the Spoiler Foiler filters out any tweets with the words “breaking” or “bad” in them. So, it could technically filter out a tweet having nothing to do with the show, but that’s probably worth the risk.

By logging in through the aptly named Spoiler Foiler, you will view your Twitter timeline just like you always do, but “dangerous” tweets will be blacked out with a warning. You will, of course, have the choice to click on that tweet and learn the truth before you watch it unfold, but that is your business.

So what’ll it be? Will you take the risk on Twitter or play it safe with the Spoiler Foiler? It’s a question Walt has surely asked himself a few times by now … minus the Twitter-vs.-Spoiler Foiler part.