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Emmys 2013: The show's top five social moments were ...

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Breaking Bad Emmy Awards
Francis Specker/Getty Images

In today’s world, when something happens on television that you either agree or disagree with, your reaction goes as follows: You scream at the television (in joy or rage), and then you take out your smartphone (or your iPad, laptop, etc.) and see what social media is saying. Twitter! Facebook! It’s how you manage not to watch anything alone. So after last night’s Emmys, which were packed full of surprises, which moments managed to get the most Facebook attention?

1. Breaking Bad wins Best Drama Series: Topping the list of most social moments on Facebook is the big win that Breaking Bad fans had been waiting for. And luckily, for East Coasters at least, they got to watch it happen live without missing even a minute of the show’s penultimate episode. And you know what? It almost made up for the fact that neither Aaron Paul nor Bryan Cranston took home a statue of their own. Almost.

2. Jim Parsons wins Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy Series: This certainly wasn’t an upset, but considering The Big Bang Theory‘s viewership, the amount of social media interaction isn’t surprising. If every viewer so much as liked something on Facebook at the same time, the whole thing might explode.

3. Former hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Jane Lynch, and Conan O’Brien join Neil Patrick Harris on stage during the opener: Whether you loved it or hated it, the opener got a fair amount of social attention. Then again, it’s hard to get that many hosts on stage (and put Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in 3-D glasses) without getting people talking. Also, Kevin Spacey!

4. Elton John’s introduction (by Matt Damon and Michael Douglas) and musical performance: We’re pretty sure the names Matt Damon and Elton John were enough to ensure this would make the list. Add in Michael Douglas and a Liberace tribute, and social media is on fire.

5. Merritt Wever’s acceptance speech for Supporting Actress in Comedy Series: The lesson: This is how you get people talking.

Were these the moments you Facebooked (is that a verb?) about last night, PopWatchers? What were your biggest social moments of the Emmys?