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'Castle' season premiere recap: She said...

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Richard Foreman/ABC


Richard Foreman/ABC

Alert! If you haven’t seen the season premiere of ABC’s Castle, in which Beckett finally answers Castle’s marriage proposal, avert your eyes! This post (obviously, if you read the headline) contains spoilers.

Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers-Castle, congratulations! The beautiful Kate Beckett has accepted your marriage proposal! Um, downside, you could be dead soon.

Those three sentences pretty much sum up what happened in the season premiere of Castle — but if you’re a details person, let’s break down the action in this long-awaited opener.

The episode began in the park, right where we left Castle, Beckett and the most maddening question of the summer. (“Will you marry me?”) You saw some of the opening scene here on EW. What came next was Castle learning that Beckett got the job in D.C. As expected, he was amazing about the whole situation. “Kate, I’m not proposing to you to keep you here or because I’m afraid I’m going to lose you. I’m proposing because I can’t imagine my life without you,” he said.

With that, they decided they’d figure out how to make it work — D.C and all. That’s when the room I was sitting in filled with dust. I mean, lots and lots of tear-inducing dust!

We then cut to two months later. Beckett was still getting settled with the ways of the FBI, Castle found out that his daughter was dating some awful Costa Rican hippie, and Ryan and Esposito were probably bored — a safe assumption considering Ryan was shown practicing diaper-changing.

Soon enough, Beckett found herself working the case that made Castle very intrigued, but because the FBI has strict rules regarding confidentiality, she couldn’t say anything about it. For Castle, this was like holding a ball of yarn over a house cat. As you might have guessed, he continued to pursue his curiosity until he became tangled in some big trouble.

Short story: the FBI was looking for thieves who stole a piece of hardware that could have endangered the country’s military defenses. When Castle got a little too close to the case, a few things happened. 1) Lisa Edelstein’s Rachel McCord, Beckett’s new partner, started to hate him. 2) One of the suspects thought Castle was a fed and kidnapped him.

Luckily, the suspect died shortly after Castle found himself at gunpoint in the suspect’s car. As in, the suspect dropped dead in the car — without Castle doing a thing. Turns out the suspect had been exposed to a deadly chemical weapon that was taken during the same break-in the Feds were investigating. (The thieves used the hardware as a diversion.) The problem? The toxin had been pumped into the vents of the dead suspect’s car — meaning Castle was also exposed. And he had 24 hours to live.

What an opener! Sound off on all the developments below, and answer a few questions: Did you like seeing Beckett at the FBI? Did you like how the show dealt with Castle and Beckett’s long-distance relationship? And what did you think of Beckett’s answer?

Notice: Come back after the west coast airing for a post-mortem with exec producer Andrew Marlowe.