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Fantastic Fest: Keanu Reeves talks some epic trash

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Keanu Reeves
Terry Rice/WireImage

There’s going to be a Saturday night beat-down in Austin, Texas. At 11:55pm, Keanu Reeves will get into the ring with Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League for Fantastic Fest’s now legendary annual debate event. Reeves will be in town to celebrating the U.S. premiere of his directorial debut Man of Tai Chi and he’ll verbally defend himself against League’s pre-fight stance: “Resolved: Tai Chi is a martial art relegated to elderly Chinese women and is inferior in every way to Tae Kwon Do.”

After Reeves matches wits with League, the Drafthouse showman will get in the ring where he’ll have his ass handed to him and duke it out with Man of Tai Chi star Tiger Hu Chen, “a superhuman master of form and combat.” In these exclusive videos, the men of the Fantastic Debates throw all kinds of shade:

Man of Tai Chi hits VOD on September 27 and will be in theaters on November 1. For more information on the Fantastic Debates, or the entire killer line-up of the festival, go here.