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'Office' auction: How much would you bid for Dwight's pepper spray?

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Still craving a piece of (or some closure from) The Office since it ended this past May? Now’s your chance to own parts of the show — used parts, no less.

NBC Universal is holding an eBay auction featuring wardrobe props, Schrute weaponry, and Cornell paraphernalia from the Scranton, Pa.-based show.

Here are some notable listings:

Most expensive: A framed portrait of Dwight Schrute

Currently going for: $609.99 with 24 bids

Description (which kind of reads like Mr. Schrute wrote it himself): “The item is approximately 33.5 inches tall by 27.5 inches long. The frame’s depth is approximately 1.5 inches deep. The frame appears to be made of painted wood, black in color. The picture is what appears to be a painted image of Dwight Schrute on a canvas. This is the only one received from production. This item is in good condition.”

Most unpopular: Andy’s Michael Jackson “Thriller” costume (Yet, somehow his Avatar bodysuit is a hot item!)

Currently going for: $24.99 with zero bids (c’mon Cornellians, Halloween is right around the corner!)

Most unlikely source to stock your self-defense cabinet: Dwight’s mace and pepper spray (part of a used tactical accessory set)

If you’re the lucky winner, don’t plan on using Dwight’s sprays to ward off would-be attackers, as the listing description warns: “The Mace and Pepper spray are assumed to be in working condition but could not be tested due to the nature of the items.”

Currently going for: $102.50 with nine bids

Which Office supplies would you bid on? Hurry up: Bidding ends a week from today.