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'Two and a Half Men' scoop: How Charlie's lesbian daughter 'brings debauchery back' for season 11

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Two And A Half Men

Charlie Harper’s lesbian daughter is going to shake-up the beach house. Two and a Half Men showrunner tells Entertainment Weekly that the new character being introduced this fall played by Amber Tamblyn is going to be just like her dad.

“We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if she was just like her father,'” showrunner Jim Patterson. “She’s a fun, hard-partying girl who loves everything her father did — including women — and has the same kind of confidence her father had. It brings the debauchery back to the show from when Charlie [Sheen] was on it. She’s going to turn their lives upside down a little bit.”

Patterson says the character will be bringing home women to the house, which will obviously distract Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher). Asked if her character will be used to explore any gay rights issues on the show, he says, “She’s proud of who she is and completely confident in who she is. She’s also looking to have fun. She’s a 25 and not looking to settle down in any way.”

Also: With Alan and Lyndsey (Courtney Thorne-Smith) now broken up, Alan will be single at the same time as Walden for the first time. So expect some awkward double dates — or possibly even triple dates, if Alan’s niece is on board. Thorne-Smith, by the way, will still be around this season, though now Alan will have to get used to being her ex-bf.

Tamblyn is effectively replacing “half man” Angus T. Jones, who is going “off to college” after his much-publicized criticism of the hit sitcom. Though Patterson says the door is open for him to make an appearance, it doesn’t sound like any return spots are currently planned. “We hope he’ll come back and do something.”

Patterson says to also expect “a lot more” Holland Taylor this season, with comedy director legend Carl Reiner reprising his role as her boyfriend. “He’s 91-and-a-half and he’s as funny as ever,” Patterson says.

The show is still working out what exactly to do with the opening credits. Jones won’t be in them and Tamblyn is currently contracted as a guest star — not a series regular — though Patterson seemed to hint that might change. The rough-draft plan is to launch the season with a shortened version of the credits, then perhaps do something different later on down the road if Tamblyn comes on board full time. “Amber is amazing,” he says. “We saw a ton of girls and she blew us away. This is the first time she’s done a sitcom role and it’s like she’s done it her whole life.”