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Dave Matthews sings about feelings with Grover on 'Sesame Street'

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Dave Matthews Sesame Street

What do you do when you’re feeling a feeling that’s not a good feeling?

You sing about it! (With a banjo-strummin’ pal who also happens to be Dave Matthews.)

In this adorable Sesame Street video with the South-African-born singer-songwriter, Matthews and Grover are going through some fuzzy emotions, which turn out to be the ones that get a bad rap – jealousy and sadness. Matthews asks the little blue monster what’s wrong and Grover says,

“Dave, right now I am feeling a feeling and it’s not a very good feeling.” And Matthews concurs, “Hey I’m feeling a feeling that’s not a very good feeling as well.” Puppets are so meta.

The pair decides to sing about their broken dreams (“I made a wish with all of my heart to take a rocket ship up to the moon,” Grover croons) and bouts of envy (“I wanna be a superhero too,” Matthews laments) and eventually come to a friendly resolution.

Watch the singer-songwriter and Grover work out their not-so-fun-feelings here with their tune “I need a word”:

Matthews will appear on the first episode of Sesame Street‘s 44th season on Sept. 16.