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'Big Brother' eviction: Who went home?

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[UPDATE: My full recap is live!] Gaze into the unredeeming smiling eyes of Andy. His friends are legion, all of them corpses with a knife in their back. Andy was loyal to Helen until he wasn’t; loyal to Amanda until he wasn’t; and now loyal to the Exterminators until…tonight? Andy won the pivotal Head of Household competition and was given the power to decide who would go up on the block. Would he nominate McCrae, the last Non-Exterminator in the house? Would McCrae once again win the Veto and pull himself into the Final Three? Would Spencer extend his record of on-the-block appearances to Ripken-like levels? Well, the vote is in…



McCrae went home, and the Exterminators reign supreme. Andy, Spencer, and GinaMarie successfully kept McCrae from winning the Veto, which meant it was time for Amanda’s concubine to go home. McCrae was understandably disappointed to have made it through 84 days of gameplay and not get the big prize. The episode also featured a peak into the Big Brother Jury House, with six women and one very confused man trying arguing from beyond the grave.

My full recap will be up in a few hours. [UPDATE: Here’s the recap!] In the meantime, start talking!