Darren Franich
September 11, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

UPDATE: My full recap is live! The Exterminators are a team of misfit toys who somehow managed to destroy the Big Brother endgame and rebuild it in their own image. Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa — bing, bang, boom. When the live eviction episode started, they had a final target: McCrae, the grieving widower and house lone wolf. Did the Exterminators complete their Final Four plan? Or did McCrae manage to pull himself off the block and live to fight another day? Well, the votes are in…



McCrae won the veto! And, a special treat for the self-declared Big Brother fan, he received the Golden Power of Veto from last season’s winner, Ian.

That meant the Exterminators had to put one of their own up. I would’ve imagined that GinaMarie would be the main target, since she’s a serious competition pro. But Judd did himself no favors, going on rampages through the house and openly declaring a blood feud with McCrae.

So Judd was re-evicted, alas. But don’t cry for the Exterminators just yet: Andy managed to win the Head of Household competition. Will McCrae be the target for the remaining misfits at Thursday’s live eviction? Or will Andy pull a quintuple-agent flip and join forces with McCrae again?

My full recap will be up in a few hours. [UPDATE: Read the recap here!] In the meantime, start talking!

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