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'The Railway Man' trailer: Memories of war haunt Colin Firth

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The Railway Man

The always dependable Colin Firth has done it all in his movie roles: He’s melted hearts, fought in wars, and coped with post-traumatic stress. In The Railway Man, however, he does all three.

The Railway Man tells the story of Eric Lomax (Firth), a veteran tormented by memories of his time in Japanese captivity in Singapore during World War II, forced to work on the brutal Thai-Burma Railway. Based on Lomax’s memoir, the film chronicles his return to find his torturer, Nagase (Hiroyuki Sanada), and his attempts to overcome his trauma.

But the war drama is also wrapped in a love story, with Nicole Kidman co-starring as Patti, Lomax’s wife, who encourages him to face his demons. The film’s first trailer below splices their story together with Lomax’s pursuit of Nagase and his flashbacks to wartime.

“I have suffered much, but I know you have suffered too, and you mean everything to me,” Lomax says in a voice-over. “Some time the hating has to stop.”

With the elaborate sets, award-winning cast, and sweeping score by David Hirschfelder, the film looks to be another moving epic (dare we say Oscar contender?) based on this footage.

The Railway Man also stars Stellan Skarsgaard, Jeremy Irvine, Sam Reid, and Tanroh Ishida. Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky, the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and does not yet have a set release date.