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Funny or Die to Aaron Sorkin: Here's how to fix 'The Newsroom'

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WTW The Newsroom
Melissa Moseley/HBO

Aaron Sorkin, Funny or Die has something to say to you: The Newsroom‘s not the best show on television, but it can be better. Sound familiar?

Mirroring the opening scene of the series nearly shot-for-shot, Vincent Masciale of Funny or Die seamlessly parodies the show by asking bizarro Will McAvoy, “Can you say why The Newsroom is the greatest show on television?”

The question prompts a McAvoy-caliber rant:

“It’s not the greatest show on TV, that’s my answer. Fine, everyone loves witty banter, but you can’t build a show on an actor’s ability to cram as many words into as few seconds as Sorkin-ly possible. And you’re gonna sit there with a straight face and tell me that The Newsroom is so star-spangled awesome that it’s the only show in the world with whip-smart dialogue? Sherlock has dialogue. Gilmore Girls has dialogue. HouseVeronica Mars, even Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a zinger every now and again.”

The video then goes into how Sorkin can improve the show (“It has the worst, period, writing for women, period, ever, period. Period.”), complete with grimaces and boos from the audience. Check out the full parody below:

Your call, PopWatchers: Is Funny or Die on target with this parody? What would be your message to Aaron Sorkin?