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'Breaking Bad''s Lost Story Lines

By now, you know that Aaron Paul’s Jesse was originally supposed to die at the end of season 1; here are some other far-out plotlines that never made it to the screen

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Marie shoots the delivery guy

Plot: Convinced there is a bad man lurking around her house, Marie (Betsy Brandt) opens fire on a UPS guy by mistake. (Yes, the gun would be purple.) The idea stemmed from Brandt’s desire to shoot someone on the show. ”We loved it, we didn’t know what it meant, we didn’t know where it would go,” says creator Vince Gilligan. ”When Betsy reads this, she’s going to be upset with me: ‘Why didn’t I get to do that?”’

Why It Was Rejected: It felt a little too broad and silly.

Walt takes on a high school ”bully”

Plot: Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) comes home with a black eye, leading Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Skyler (Anna Gunn) to think he’s being bullied by a classmate. For revenge, Walt plants pot in the student’s locker, only to find out that Walt Jr. was the one bullying the kid, who fought back.

Why It Was Rejected:”The stakes weren’t high enough,” says executive story editor Gennifer Hutchison. Plus, notes coexecutive producer Peter Gould, ”we were better served by keeping Walter Jr. a little pure. It’s been really useful for us dramatically.”

Heisenberg opens a pharmacy

Plot: Walt switches to either bootleg pharmaceuticals — Viagra, anyone? — or meth sold in capsules marked with a special logo. (There was also talk of having him make plastic explosives.)

Why It Was Rejected: ”Ultimately it was like, the show’s about meth. The blue meth is so iconic,” says Hutchison. ”It’s not really hard to get a prescription for a lot of these drugs.”

Jesse calls in fired-up expert archer Badger

Plot: The cops impound Jesse’s car, which contains evidence tying Jesse and Walt to Tuco (Raymond Cruz). Solution? ”Jesse recruits Badger [Matt Jones], who has a crossbow,” says Gould. ”Walt and Jesse construct a flaming arrow, which Badger shoots into the police impound and destroys Jesse’s car.”

Why It Was Rejected: ”In the end, we had other things to do,” says Gould, who, in a reference to a similar season 5 scene, adds: ”I like the magnet [idea] better. It’s more scientific.”