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'Good Ol' Freda': Beatles' fan club president offers insights on the band

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Years ago a shy, loyal Liverpudlian teenager named Freda Kelly became the personal secretary of her favorite local band. Little did she know that those four boys would grow into the Beatles, and that she’d go on to be their enduring fan club president. Ryan White’s affectionate new documentary Good Ol’ Freda (in theaters tomorrow) is not just a look at a cheerful, unassuming woman who found herself the sturdy center of a pop culture storm, but also at the band to which she stayed forever true. “This is a woman who turned down numerous book offers over the years,” says White. “She probably could’ve made a very healthy advance on many tell-alls.” But from the get, Kelly warned the director that she wasn’t interested in spilling scandalous stories on the boys’ personal lives or their behind-the-scenes drama. Instead this delightful raconteur provides a warm and cozy peak into her life with the Beatles, and the terrifically intimate relationship she maintained with their legions of fans. Original Beatles music in the film to boot. Herewith an exclusive clip: