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James Franco's Comedy Central roast: Here's your drinking game

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True, we already know the best jokes told at Franco’s ritual ribbing; EW was on the scene for the event’s taping, which happened last Sunday.

But drinking games aren’t about surprises. They’re about recognizing predictable words and behaviors, ones that are repeated frequently but not so frequently that following them would make playing the game physically impossible. (Which would be why we’re not asking you to sip every time James Franco squints.)

So with that in mind, let’s consider some of the topics that will likely come up again and again when Comedy Central airs the roast this Monday, Sept. 2 at 10 p.m. Obviously, PopWatch cautions you to celebrate responsibly — especially if you’re planning to indulge in Franco’s drug of choice.*

Take a sip every time somebody makes a joke that basically boils down to this: “James Franco is…”



…high right now


…a bad actor


…really gay

…like, super super gay

…unable to open his eyes

…currently asleep

…the worst Oscar host in history

Take two sips every time somebody brings up…

…Judd Apatow


…the Ivy League

…Dave Franco


This Is the End

…soap operas

…roastmaster Seth Rogen’s weight loss…

…or his pot habit…

…or his Canadian heritage…

…or his “huh huh huh” laugh

…roast participant Jonah Hill’s weight loss

…roast participant Aziz Ansari’s race

Marina Abramovic

Take three sips if…

…anyone reenacts this photo of Franco sleeping through a class at Columbia

Finish your drink, chug a second one, and belt “I Dreamed a Dream” in just one take if…

…Anne Hathaway descends from the ceiling in a golden chariot, prepared at last to exact her sweet revenge

*We’re referring, of course, to rambling Huffington Post editorials. What did you think we meant?