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Season 4: How Ted Was Left At The Altar

We go over what happened in the show’s fourth season and name the season’s best episode

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Newly engaged, Ted and Stella move full steam ahead…until they’re forced to tackle thorny questions like where they will live. (Ugh, New Jersey?) On the big day, poor Ted is left at the altar and Stella gets back together with her daughter’s father. Ted spends much of the season trying to rebound, and by the end he’s been dumped, fired, and beaten up by a goat. Robin briefly moves to Japan to coanchor a news show with a chimpanzee. Lily and Marshall decide to delay having children. (Not so in real life for Hannigan.Both she and Smulders were pregnant throughout the season, so the show used bowls of fruit and basketballs to hide their stomachs.) And Barney continues to pine silently for Robin, until their mutual feelings are revealed in the finale. Also in the season ender: Ted takes a teaching job — and Future Ted reveals that The Mother was once his student.

Best Episode: ”Three Days of Snow” An epic snowstorm brings major challenges: Ted and Barney get the keys to MacLaren’s but learn that tending a bar is harder than they think. Lily and Marshall set aside their ”immature” traditions, like meeting each other after a long trip with beer. Naturally, both have second thoughts, so after some help from their unofficial chauffeur Ranjit (Marshall Manesh), Robin, and a sunroof, Lily gets her keg and Marshall greets his wife at the airport…with a marching band.