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August 27, 2013 at 08:00 PM EDT

Here at EW, we have a new weekly series in which we — and readers — weigh in on ways to rehab much-maligned characters on some of our favorite shows.

The Bravermans are one of television’s greatest families. Whether they’re teaching us valuable lessons, screwing up their own lives, or just cooking dinner, we can’t help but love them. However, there is one thing that needs some adjustment within the clan: Child number two, Sarah. Although we love that she and Crosby were always the so-called screw-ups amongst the original siblings, there’s only so much of that we can take before the whole being-an-adult thing needs to kick in.

And after watching Sarah chase after men and search for her passion for four seasons, now is the time for her to take things to the next level … without losing her charming sense of humor, of course. We don’t want this screw-up to go perfectly straight-and-narrow. Rather, here’s what we suggest:

She says goodbye to men: If Sarah can’t seem to choose the right man, then why not let her find true happiness without one? Believe it or not, such a thing does exist. And for Sarah, chasing after a man never ends well and typically messes with other important things in her life, whether that’s her career, her children, or even another relationship (Sorry, Mark). So, at least until she figures out her job situation and gets a place of her own, keep the men out of the equation, no matter how cute they are.

She finds a successful job: Last time we saw Sarah really succeed at something was when she wrote a play, and that was a long time coming. So perhaps she’s a writer now? Or maybe she’s given up on that and is really into the photography thing? We don’t care, as long as she finds something stable so that her family members can stop looking at her with their best puppy-dog eyes.

She gets a place of her own: As much as we love Sarah living at home (post-Mark) because it means more of Camille and Zeek, it’s important for her to get a place of her own. She needs that extra bit of independence and the confidence boost that comes along with living alone. As much as her parents love her, they still baby her just a little too much. Getting away from that will really give Sarah some perspective. Plus, both of her kids are out of the house now, so perhaps she can take up a hobby and/or become crazy successful at whatever career she chooses.

She gives Amber some real guidance: Sarah and Amber’s relationship has always been complicated, but with what looks like a very serious decision coming up for Amber (marriage?!), we’re hoping Sarah is ready to give some solid motherly advice. There’s a time to be your child’s friend, and then there’s a time to be your child’s parent.

She dances it out (often): The Bravermans are at their best when they’re dancing, but they don’t do it enough for our liking. When in doubt, let Sarah dance it out! Before we know it, all her problems will be solved.

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