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'True Blood': Is [spoiler] really dead? -- POLL!

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Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched True Blood‘s season 6 finale, stop reading now.

As I said in my recap of Sunday’s episode, I refuse to believe Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) met the true death — even if it would be perfect* for him to go out sunbathing nude on a remote, snow-covered mountaintop in Sweden after showing us the only part of himself we’ve never seen. Yes, Eric burst into flames when Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) was staked and the effects of his blood wore off, but let’s think: Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) was on her way to find him. Perhaps she got there in time with a blanket big enough for two and they will have stopped, dropped, and rolled their way down that mountain. Or maybe the flames from Eric melted the snow, which caused an avalanche that brought him down the mountain to a ski resort. (Wouldn’t the snow put out the fire, no matter how many times one sparked?)

A rep for the show told EW we’ll have to tune in to season 7 for the answer, but let’s take it to a vote in the meantime…

Watch Eric’s alleged demise below. Warning: Full frontal.

* Perfect if it was definitive, that is, so we could properly mourn him.