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Lady Gaga is ready for your 'Applause' -- hear her new single now

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Lady Gaga Applause
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga fans, you may now stand up and cheer: “Applause” is upon us—one week early, and just hours after Katy Perry released the first single, “Roar,” off her fall album.

In Katy’s new song, which sounds like “Brave” by Sara Bareilles (more generally, I also hear Pink), she is a woman promising to “roar.” In Gaga’s new song, which sounds like something you might hear in a very accessible Berlin sex dungeon, she is a star demanding that you clap for her.

Of course, this being Lady Gaga, there are layers—she’s critiquing fame (we’re guessing). Although there’s surely nothing ironic about the music, which pounds and pounds until it finally achieves an almost pleasant climax. And yes, you can literally hear the sounds of applause:

What do you think? Does Lady Gaga deserve a golf clap for this one? Or are you screaming and rending your garments with pleasure and excitement?