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Get inside the real Disney world with fan-made movie map

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Disney World

Disney movies can take you all over the world … especially if you want to travel through the United States and Europe!

A charming Reddit user, F. David Robbins, created a map of all the places where Disney movies are set. Based on some research, some guesswork, and some background knowledge, he placed all 51 Disney animated films in their geographically accurate homes. But what about mythical places?

“For Atlantis, well, that’s a pretty obvious case of no one knows where Atlantis is located,” he wrote on Reddit. “The movie (to my knowledge) never explicitly states where it is, so I went with the prevailing theory behind it’s disappearance. Honestly though, I could have put it anywhere on the map and it would have been ‘wrong.'”

Where would you like to see the next Disney animated movie set? Personally, I’m pleased as punch about the 10 movies set in England alone. Rule Brittania!