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UPDATE: Time Warner Cable to offer CBS 'a la carte'?

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Time Warner Cable has issued an open letter to CBS president Leslie Moonves regarding the contract disputes that have left Time Warner Cable customers without the station in New York, Los Angeles and other markets since Friday afternoon.

In the letter released this afternoon, Time Warner Cable’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Britt proposes, that in the interest of getting the station back soon, “CBS and Time Warner Cable immediately agree to resume the carriage with the new economics TWC reluctantly agreed to during our negotiations, while employing all the other terms and conditions of our recently expired contracts.” They also propose that they would be “willing to resume carriage by allowing CBS to make its station available on an a la carte basis at a price and on terms of its choosing.”

Finally, the letter asks CBS, regardless of its response to other parts of the proposal, to “Cease its blocking of CBS.com content from TWC’s high-speed internet customers.”

Update: Here is CBS’s response: “Today’s so-called proposal is a sham, a public relations vehicle designed to distract from the fact that Time Warner Cable is not negotiating in good faith.  Anyone familiar with the entertainment business knows that the economics and structure of the cable industry doesn’t work that way and isn’t likely to for quite some time. In short, this was an empty gesture from a company that is expert at them.”