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Singles: August 9, 2013

Reviews of new songs from The Lumineers, Icona Pop, and more

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Busta Rhymes Feat. Nicki Minaj, ”#TwerkIt”
Booty-popping jams don’t come much more awesomely unsubtle than this. Pharrell, probably having more fun than he’s had all summer (which is saying a lot), furnishes an almost obscenely squelching beat while a gruff Busta lashes out at other alpha males in a murky Jamaican patois, and Nicki struts and shouts out dancehall stars…in an even murkier Jamaican patois. Forget the bottom — these two take it down to bedrock. A-Nick Catucci

The Lumineers, ”Darlene”
The Denver-based suspenders enthusiasts are still milking that golden ”Ho Hey” cow with a deluxe reissue of their 2012 self-titled debut with five new tracks tacked on, out Aug. 20. Among them is this simple, sweetly vulnerable ballad that makes good use of Wesley Schultz’s quivering vocals. We’re not sure exactly what this Darlene lady did to him, but she should do it more often. B+Ray Rahman

Icona Pop, ”All Night”
The Swedish duo’s megahit, ”I Love It,” made crashing your car into a bridge sound irresistible. Their thumpingly insistent follow-up (from their just-announced full-length debut, out Sept. 24) accomplishes considerably less, though it will surely inspire plenty of prancing onto dance floors — and maybe even some reckless love connections. BNick Catucci