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FX chief: You can't go darker than 'Breaking Bad'

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Breaking Bad

As Walter White famously said: “I won.”

FX Networks CEO John Landgraf was asked about the show’s “anti-hero” brand, and how much darker cable dramas can get.

Landgraf gave credit to HBO’s The Sopranos for starting the trend, as well as his own acclaimed anti-hero series, The Shield. But there’s one show out there he says that found the top (or the bottom, depending on your perspective), for what a series can pull off: AMC’s Breaking Bad.

“I can’t imagine a protagonist darker than Walter White,” he says, referring to Bad‘s main character, whose misdeeds including nearly fatally poisoning a child and arranging a mass murder of potential informers in a prison. “It’s the end of the road for [cable networks] out-darking each other. This nuclear arms race of darkness has ended.”

FX has projects such as the vampire series The Strain and a limited series take on the world of Fargo, which this morning added Billy Bob Thornton to the cast.