August 01, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

UPDATE: My full recap is now live! Candice and Howard wound up on the block with each other next week, opening up the possibility that one of this season’s many showmances would be split asunder. (UPDATE: Howard insisted it was just a friendship, not a showmance. Semantics!) They were sitting next to America’s surprise-choice MVP nominee, Amanda, who sat in a powerful position next to her own showmance partner (pizza boy McCrae) and a loose confederation of Helen/Aaryn loyalists. Now the votes are in, and in the end (SPOILER ALERT) Howard was voted out, by a steep margin of 1-7.

Spencer attempted to rally a group of anti-Amanda underling votes, but that plan was just about exploded when Candice called a house meeting and went supernova on Spencer. It actually seemed like Candice might have turned the house against her. But rampant suspicion of Howard trumped all. Howard leaves behind the last remaining member of the Moving Company, Spencer — the only person in the house who didn’t vote for him.

Check out my full recap here!

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