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July 30, 2013 at 04:46 PM EDT

Where can you go when the world don’t treat you right — and your TV show got canceled six years ago?

The answer is Maxim!

Like Danielle Fishel, Amanda Bynes, and Hilary Duff before her — not to mention Alyssa Milano, who pioneered the trend way back in 1998 — 23-year-old Mackenzie Rosman has decided to prove she’s all grown up by posing for a spread in the men’s magazine. (Unfortunately, she didn’t snag a cover of her own; fittingly enough, that honor went to Milano this month.)

The pictures show the onetime child actress posing in her underwear, seductively lifting a cover-up over a beige bikini, and lying topless on a bench in a plaid skirt that sort of looks like a Catholic school uniform, which makes thematic sense until you remember that 7th Heaven‘s Camden family wasn’t Catholic.

The whole thing recalls the scantily clad photo shoot Rosman’s onscreen sister Jessica Biel did for Gear magazine in 2000. That spread “was a big deal,” Rosman tells Maxim. “The magazine was banned on set, I think by orders of [executive producer] Aaron Spelling. I sneaked a peek at it, though. It was racy gossip amongst the women of 7th Heaven.” It also may or may not have prompted the show’s writers to send Biel’s character spiraling downward (not going to college! drinking while babysitting!) before being largely written off the show.

Rosman, of course, has no such concerns; the team behind her next project, SyFy’s TV movie Ghost Shark, is almost certainly more permissive than 7th Heaven‘s squeaky-clean crew. If you’d like to see more of Rosman not wearing much — no judgment! Actually, some judgment — check out the trailer below.

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