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Overthinking 'X-Men': Head-Scratchers From Mutantville

If you obsess over the ”X-Men” movies, you start to notice inconsistencies; with ”The Wolverine” out July 26, a producer of next year’s ”X-Men: Days of Future Past” bravely attempts to clarify

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1. Did Wolverine Want His Claws?
Problem: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is forced to undergo a painful adamantium graft against his will in X2. But in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the procedure appears less bloody — and he volunteers for it.

Producer Says: ”Wolverine’s memory is a ragged wound,” explains our source, who requested anonymity. ”It’s been psychically stitched up — and infected — by others, so of course the images are more impression than fact.”

2. Is He Looking To Be Cured?
Probelm: In this week’s The Wolverine, a dying tech tycoon tries to persuade our hero to help him achieve immortality in exchange for a cure for his mutant DNA. But if Wolvie wanted a cure, wouldn’t he have taken the one developed with such fanfare in X-Men: The Last Stand?

Producer Says: Nothing. Perhaps he’s phone-a-friending Wolverine for an answer?

3. Are They Besties or Strangers?
Problem: Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) are BFFs in X-Men: First Class, but barely acknowledge each other in the rest of the X-Men films, where Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) is Magneto’s (Ian McKellen) henchwoman.

Producer Says: ”After years of estrangement and betrayal, it’s safer in battle to pretend they simply don’t care — and it’s less painful, too.”

4. Who Invented Cerebro?
Problem: Xavier (Patrick Stewart) says he built Cerebro with Magneto in X-Men, but in First Class Dr. McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) shows off his Cerebro prototype.

Producer Says: Nothing. We stumped him!

5. When Did X Last Walk?
Problem: How can Professor X (Stewart) be up and about in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 1979, when a bullet to the back paralyzes him from the waist down in X-Men: First Class in 1962?

Producer Says: ”That was, um, a psychic projection of Xavier, similar to a hologram, created by his mind’s amazing powers?” In other words, oops.

6. When Did X Meet Magneto?
Problem: In X-Men, Professor X tells Wolverine he met Erik Lehnsherr (later Magneto) when they were teens. But in First Class, Charles and Erik (Michael Fassbender) first encounter each other as adults.

Producer Says: ”They fudged the dates due to vanity. Even powerful mutant leaders might shave off gray hair or get a little cosmetic surgery to get rid of the wrinkles that magnetism can’t fix.”