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Indie games can self-publish on Xbox One

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In the latest admirable attempt to radically alter the conversation around the terrifying Orwellian nightmare known as the Xbox One, Microsoft has confirmed that their next-generation console will allow indie developers to self-publish their own games.

The manufacturer has taken some serious flak for the Xbox One’s curious definition of ownership — and has already had to walk back some of the more controversial policies — but the news offers the possibility that the Xbox One will be a democratizing space in the videogame universe. Game Informer originally broke the news, and Xbox corporate VP Marc Whitten released a follow-up statement, proclaiming: “Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development.”

Microsoft made a big push at E3 for its new game-creation software known as “Project Spark,” and it’s clear now that they’re serious about offering a space for self-expression in their new console. When the holidays roll around, we’ll see whether anyone will choose to self-express on a console that’s $100 more expensive and at least 35 percent creepier than the PlayStation 4.