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New 'Robot Chicken' Special Spoofs DC's Supervillains

Director Seth Green expresses his excitement for the funny sequel

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The writers of last year’s Robot Chicken DC Comics Special served up their best Super Friends jokes and accomplished the feat of giving Aquaman a heroic story line. For the sequel — Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise, premiering on Adult Swim in 2014 — they wanted to have more fun with the Legion of Doom. It was director Seth Green who reminded the room that Lex Luthor, who’ll again be voiced by Spider-Man 2‘s Alfred Molina, has a daughter in the DC canon. ”The idea of Lex Luthor having a daughter that he’s got to both have a relationship with and discipline is very funny,” Green says. Especially if she were to meet Superboy, the hot teen clone of Superman. ”It’s gonna become a little bit more of a West Side Story/Romeo and Juliet star-crossed love story,” he explains. ”I will say this: There is a musical number that is a straight-up showstopper.”