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Throwback Thursday: Ryan Reynolds at 'Fifteen'

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This weekend at the box office, Ryan Reynolds is competing with himself, thanks to his voice work in the just-opened Turbo and his turn as a dearly departed cop in R.I.P.D., arriving Friday. But back in 1990 — 23 years ago! — he was a 13-year-old actor getting his start on the Canadian soap Hillside, which aired on Nickelodeon as Fifteen.

As you’ll see from the clip below, Reynolds wasn’t always the ladies’ man he grew up to be in Van Wilder and The Proposal. Instead, he sheepishly tells his crush she “always looks good” as she awkwardly laughs and makes a run for it. In the ensuing fantasy sequence, he really has it together as a Rolling Stone cover boy (if only he knew what it takes to land the RS cover now!) and a rock star with countless “CDs” (remember those?).

But one thing young Billy has right about his future is this: “Some guys have it, and some guys don’t.” Looks like Reynolds had it.

Watch the turn-of-the-decade amazingness below: