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'Pretty Little Liars' react: Welcome to Ravenswood

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Pretty Little Liars

Hannah didn’t realize that simply holding the gun could get her up to seven years in prison – and burying a possible murder weapon definitely isn’t making her look less guilty. But she does have Lieutenant Tanner on her side. The hard-nosed cop has a hunch Hanna is covering for someone – but who? Nobody really knows, not even Hanna herself.

One of the things that makes the Pretty Little Liars world so creepy is how easy it is for the girls’ enemies to insert themselves into their lives. School switching is a common occurrence (and it was sure weird when Oliver did it on The OC), and everyone moving into town always seems to be smack in the middle of the drama. The Liars are prisoners in their hometown.

At The Brew, amends are being made between Emily and Spencer after their huge blowout on Greek Row. (Remember, Emily called Spencer a snot rag? I just wanted to remind everyone.) Aria bonds with another age-inappropriate lad. Back at the Marins, the family discussion about the gun gets heated as it becomes apparent that nobody brought the gun to the house.

“Mo Mona, mo problems,” said Spencer. And then I burst out laughing. Mostly because of that comment, also because Mona is wearing pink and animal print. Yikes. Let’s hear what the former member/ringleader of the A Team has to say for herself – and her long absence. And with her lip glossy smirk, she outs Toby for taking the RV. Busted.

Outfit Watch: Ashley Marin’s perfect casual tee that fits her just like a casual tee should and still looks glamorous with her understated drop earrings and auburn waves. I have a crush on her outfit.

Hannah really just needs to admit that she is in way over her head, and listen to the people who care about her and aren’t as emotionally invested in the situation. It’s a wise plan that Emily has, linking Shana and Jenna to Wilden. I think it will work. Also I’m hoping it will work because I need to see some plot advancement here.

“Go sports,” Aria said to her underage same-year-as-her-brother student. Why, exactly, is she helping him? What is with this girl’s romantic judgement lately – she was supposed to be so with it that a 25-year-old wanted to date her. Now she’s really stumbling.

I don’t even know what to say about that locker room scene except MISTER FITZ FOREVER! How dare that little punk spread false rumors about Aria – I actually thought she was going to hit him. But when it turned out that Fitz was behind her, I thought he was going to hit Connor! Nobody hit anybody, but I was yelling the whole time so it still felt like a fight. Also Outfit Watch: that full blue skirt is a perfect 10.

Ladies and Gents, welcome … to Ravenswood. Where the filters are grey, the ravens are cawing and there are black-clad figures bowing their heads at the local cemetery. It’s all too much for Spoby, and they are out of there. What does anyone think of the glimpse of the town that will have its own series come fall? After the run-in with the hedge clipper guy, I’m in.

Okay I think we’re getting to the part when Mike gets hot and sympathetic. Finally!

“You’re following a lead that came from a bird,” said Toby – the only  person who can basically call Spencer stupid without her jumping down his throat. But he’s right. It all fits way too perfectly and the clues are laid out in front of Spencer like a breadcrumb trail. How much work has she actually had to do? Wouldn’t A and Red Coat be covering their tracks better? And then … everyone gathered at a statue of an angel while choir music played over loudspeakers in the entire city. What? The whole craziness ends in a raven dying kamikaze style on Spencer’s windshield. (And thank you, ravens outside my window. Really adding to the ambience.)

After a few days of things simmering at the Marin home, with everybody cooped up under self-imposed house arrest, the pot finally boils over as Ashley is arrested and taken away by the police. The gun found in her closet was definitely the murder weapon – and her fingerprints are on the bullet.

Set to the eerie tune of Shana’s violin, several stories unfold as Emily is implicated in providing the new evidence the police received (which she did, but she didn’t write the note in her own obvious script), Connor’s car gets bashed in by someone who isn’t Aria or Fitz (they were both at The Brew, one mesmerized by Shana, the other by Aria herself) and Spencer and Aria marvel at the audacity of Shana, who has tortured and tried to kill them, standing there like nothing has ever happened. She’s definitely not hiding anymore.

And then a somebody who has Emily’s face (thanks a lot, creepy mask guy – NOW your masks actually look like people?) steals a car, and that’s that.

My head hurts. But I’m really excited to see more Ravenswood in the future! Any theories, Liars? Anyone know where I can get Aria’s circle skirt?