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EW Radio's Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw talk 'Sharknado'

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Sharknado 02

Admit it: Like everyone else, you’re currently obsessed with Sharknado. Syfy’s latest so-bad-it’s-amazing disaster flick is a social media marvel that brought in 5,000 tweets per minute last night — and though its first air is long over, excitement about the movie hasn’t died down quite yet.

Even Syfy senior vice president Craig Engler was shocked by the amount of attention Sharknado attracted last night — though on second thought, he understands the movie’s inescapable pull. “You put sharks in a tornado, and then you apparently have gold,” he explained to Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw on EW’s Sirius station this morning.

For more on the movie, the reaction, which big-name writer wants in for the sequel, and which wacky hybrid movies could be on the horizon next — Taranchalanche, anyone? — check out this clip from the radio show.

The Sharknado interview will replay on Sirius XM’s Channel 105 several times this weekend; visit EW Radio’s website to find out when.