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'Big Brother' takes over a special episode of 'Entertainment Geekly'

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Big Brother Aaryn
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

This season of Big Brother was advertised as the biggest ever, with a larger cast and a longer season.

And sure enough, the show has kickstarted a minor media frenzy, though probably not the way the producers intended. On a special episode of Entertainment Geekly, me and fellow Big Brother obsessive Jeff Jensen talk about the new season, which has already seen the house split into different factions torn apart by vengeance, evil plots, and flat-out bigotry. What does it mean for Big Brother? What does it mean for America? Will somebody think of the children? (We also talk Under the Dome, which also features people trapped together, but which is unfortunately considerably less exciting.)

Listen to the complete podcast below or check us out in the iTunes store. Tweet arguments and counterarguments to us at @EWDocJensen and @DarrenFranich.