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Google Maps Street View welcomes Diagon Alley

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Diagon Alley
Warner Bros.

If you find yourself suffering from PHPS — also known as Post Harry Potter Syndrome — then have no fear, Diagon Alley is right here! Like, literally right in front of you. The geniuses at Google decided to add Street View to the Diagon Alley set in Warner Bros. Studios in England — giving the average Joe access to the strip mall of our dreams.

No longer will fans have to pack up and travel to Leavesden, Hertfordshire or, God forbid, Orlando to bask in the glory of Harry Potter. Instead, just mix up some butterbeer, grab your peppermint toads, and waste hours on Google Maps.

Sure, Google has been working on some other pretty cool projects, but I must say: This one certainly takes the Sugar Quill.

Check out the feature here.