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Paul Walker wants to kiss Jerry Springer's ass in 'Pawn Shop Chronicles'

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Pawn Shop Chronicles should not be confused with Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn, two reality TV shows that delve into the hardscrabble lives of people who make their livelihoods wheeling and dealing others’ valuables. Pawn Shop Chronicles is a new movie from director Wayne Kramer (The Cooler) centered around a Southern pawn shop that attracts all sorts of extreme trouble. Paul Walker plays a white-supremacist meth-head with a confusing fondness for Jerry Springer, Brendan Fraser is the saddest Elvis impersonator, and Matt Dillon is a vengeful husband who tortures Elijah Wood with the gusto of Marathon Man and A Clockwork Orange, combined.

In this totally NSFW clip — and I can’t emphasize enough just how NSFW is it — there is mayhem, naked zombie women, and the most violent Mexican stand-off ever imagined that includes a clown armed with a bow-and-arrow.

To repeat, this teaser is completely NSFW. Watch it at your own peril and/or delight.

Pawn Shop Chronicles also stars Norman Reedus, Vincent D’Onofrio, Thomas Jane, Matt Dillon, DJ Qualls, Chi McBride, and Ashlee Simpson. It was written by Adam Minarovich, the writer/actor who played Carol’s abusive husband on The Walking Dead.

It opens in select cities and Video on Demand on July 12.

Here’s the less gritty trailer.