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June 28, 2013 at 02:51 PM EDT

Unforgettable (2011 TV show)

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Unforgettable star Dylan Walsh was waiting for movers to arrive and help him pack up his New York City apartment — following the cancellation of his show — when he got a phone call: Unforgettable was coming back from the dead.

“I loved doing it, I loved being in New York, and there was something about packing up my apartment that didn’t feel right yet. I feel like we still had something left to do,” he remembers thinking. And they did — but it would happen nearly a year after concluding the show’s first season, a product of both the show being slated for a summer return and star Poppy Montgomery’s pregnancy.

For the record, Walsh did move out of his apartment, only to return months later with a renewed excitement for the show. “Now I’m back, I live in Brooklyn, the show is up-and-running, [we have] a few tweaks here, a few changes there, and I think it will be more appropriate for summer,” he says. “It’s kind of a lighter show than it was. It got a bit gloomy at times in the first season. It’s rare in this business to get a chance to retool something — that fit pretty good the first time around — but a chance to relaunch something.”

Among the changes? For one, Carrie and Al are now members of a task force that will deal with a variety of crimes — not just homicide as they previously did. “It gives the show a rush of adrenaline,” Walsh says.  Tawny Cypress, pictured above in an EW exclusive photo, Dallas Roberts, and James Laio also join the cast.

For more on the show’s second season, premiering July 28 on CBS, check out two more exclusive photos below.

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