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'Monsters University': Pixar reveals Easter eggs and in-jokes

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Monsters University 03

When watching a Pixar film, it’s good to keep an eye open for hidden jokes.

Or two eyes, if you have them.

After Monsters University‘s debut last weekend, Pixar is now offering up a guide for fans who may have missed some of the hidden background gags.

Animators are also notorious for slipping in references to as-yet-unseen Pixar flicks. Remember in the original Monsters, Inc., when Boo handed Sulley a Jesse the yodeling cowgirl doll, a Luxo Jr. ball and then this familar clownfish, about two years before Finding Nemo came out?

Unfortunately, Pixar isn’t confirming if there are teases of characters from its May 2014 film The Good Dinosaur, although online sleuths claim to have spotted likely culprits among the scattered toys in one Monsters University scene. (UPDATE: The Good Dinosaur director Bob Peterson confirms his characters are in there with this tweet: “Attention you MU cine-paleontologists – follow the toys!“)

Here are the references the animation company is revealing publicly now, along with official images of where they appear in the film:

A113 — the CalArts classroom famous among animators

The Pizza Planet truck

Luxo Jr.’s star ball


Monsters University Easter egg: The classroom where it all started…