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The 10 most exciting games from E3

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At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the annual videogame convention better known as E3, Sony and Microsoft made headlines with their new consoles, and the PlayStation 4 soundly defeated the Xbox One in the PR war. Whereas Microsoft’s device ($499) has an array of controversial privacy-threatening features, Sony advertised its cheaper console ($399) as a games-first machine. (Microsoft also received withering criticism when an employee made a rape-themed joke during the presentation.) Beyond the console showdown, E3 2013 was stuffed with intriguing new titles:

Destiny, a massive evolving space adventure from the makers of Halo.

Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy’s The Division, futuristic open-world adventures from Ubisoft.

Knack, a whimsical PS4 exclusive that proves the next generation isn’t all about space guns.

Project Spark, a free-to-download game creator for the Xbox that lets you play God with your digital world.

Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101, two games that indicate Nintendo’s Wii U might have more to offer than Super Mario spin-offs.

Rain and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, fascinating short games for the PS3 and the Xbox.

Also on the downloadable front was The Witness, an evocative puzzle game from Jonathan Blow, who created 2008’s Braid.