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Rihanna hits fan with microphone

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YouTube’s most-viewed artist was recently caught on tape whacking an overzealous fan with a microphone during a performance in Birmingham, England.

As “We Found Love” blared, the singer left the stage to interact with fans on the ground, touching their hands as she walked past the concert’s first row. When one attendee apparently refused to let go of RiRi, she responded with a quick, decisive mic hit. All the while, Rihanna’s voice continued to emerge from the venue’s speakers; perhaps she was using some sort of British wizard magic.

The video is lo-fi, to say the least — and annoyingly, an ad pops up during the money shot. Still, you can tell that Rihanna’s move was deliberate, though it’s tough to say where she hit the fan and whether the smacked one ended up being injured.

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