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'Anchorman 2' trailer: A deep dive

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Anchorman Trailer 01

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues isn’t the sort of film that normally demands the deep dive treatment. Careful frame-by-frame analyses are generally reserved for big-name adaptations, franchise-extending summer blockbusters, and comic book-based extravaganzas — you know, action movies with rich mythologies and lots of things that go “boom.”

But even if this clip is devoid of space ships, costumed heroes, and fights to the death, it’s chock-full of intriguing new characters, tantalizing plot tidbits, and righteous mustaches — making it the perfect candidate for some good, old-fashioned obsessive scrutiny.

That said, let’s go see if we can make this kitty purr! A hovering helicopter — a callback to Anchorman‘s original theatrical trailer — and a familiar-sounding voiceover, courtesy of the first movie’s narrator Bill Kurtis, kick things off, striking an appropriately serious tone. “In the ’70s, they were an elite unit — with names like Brick, Champ, Brian, and Ron,” Kurtis booms. “They rose like the phoenix, and then–” black screen! “–they were gone. Their legend became but a whisper, told by the trees.”

But as a groovy RV pulls up outside of New York City’s Global News Network and the stirring intro to “Don’t Stop Believin'” starts to play, we learn Kurtis’s tale isn’t really the end of the story. Instead, it merely signals the beginning of a new era for San Diaahgo’s old Channel 4 news team — one replete with horrific early ’80s fashions and hair.

Seriously, Brian — what died on top of your head? At least Brick seems relatively unchanged.