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'Before Midnight' Reddit AMA: Seven insights from Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, Richard Linklater

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Before Sunset
Emilie De La Hosseraye

Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, and Richard Linklater continue to make the rounds promoting their latest film, Before Midnight, as it exands its release this weekend. Following Hawke’s amusing Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”) last week tied to his indie thriller The Purge, he decided to come back and bring his Before collaborators with him.

Although they probably weren’t all sitting in the same room, hovering over a single computer, answering questions like “who is the most romantic?” (Answer: Julie), we’d prefer to imagine that the above photo is actually documenting the Reddit session. Regardless, the Before Midnight co-writers were their charming, insightful selves and even answered a few burning questions, including whether or not there is a Dazed and Confused sequel in the works.

Linklater also teased Hawke for his success with The Purge, joking that in five years, Hawke will already be filming The Purge 7. Check out some of the top moments from the Reddit session below.

1. Why Greece?

Linklater: Well, the backdrop of the film becomes the third lead character. Although for us, it’s always the last piece of the puzzle that we put together. I visited Greece in May of last year; I was on my way to a few other countries to look around. Two days in Greece convinced me to cancel the rest of the trip. It just seemed perfect; we had already found four of our major locations that would play in the movie, and it was very welcoming.

Hawke: Also, there was an actress who was in Slacker that Richard had known for years who has now become a very powerful director herself; she directed a film called Attenberg (if anybody wants to check it out, it’s damn good) and she made it possible for us to get deep inside the Greek film community.

2. How’d they do that long take of Celine and Jesse driving in Before Midnight?

Hawke: We did it for two days, we only had one take that was usable, and it was the last one, right as the light was leaving and the sun was going down. And Julie and I will be forever grateful for those little 8-year-old girls, who remembered the last lines of the 14 minute take; as we got closer and closer to the end of that 14 minute take, I was worried they had fallen asleep but the kids came through big-time.

3. Does life imitate art, or how close is Delpy to her character Celine?

Delpy: She’s much nicer than me. MUCH, much nicer than me. No, seriously, she’s more normal… we have things in common, but I would say that she has many, many, many things very different from who I am, but it’s kind of fun to write this character in character. I call it “method writing.”

4. On whether or not Jesse repaid the bar owner in Before Sunrise for that bottle of wine

Hawke: That is a great question. Here’s the vote: Julie says no. Rick says I would like to think so – he THOUGHT about it, he wanted to. And I have the actual answer, which is (believe it or not), when he showed up six months later, while he was waiting for Celine, in hopes of good karma, he went over to that place and tried to pay the guy back but the guy didn’t work there anymore, so he just left someone else a tip.

5. On the merits of random travel

Hawke: When Dead Poets Society was accepted into Cannes, Robert Sean Leonard and I went there a month early. We used our free ticket to Paris and left a month early, and kicked around for a month before the festival, and it was one of the best times of my life.

6. Is there a Dazed & Confused sequel in the works?

Linklater: Not Dazed specifically – I do have a college comedy that takes place in the early 80s that is for me, personally, a spiritual sequel to Dazed. But it wouldn’t be featuring the Dazed cast, who are all 40-something now.

7. Advice for aspiring screenwriters?

Delpy: Just work work work! The advice is to be as true as possible, as genuine as possible. How do you create good work? By keeping on working – I’ve never learned how to write better than before I kept writing and writing and writing.

Linklater: My advice would be to get your ass offline and get to work.

Follow Lindsey on Twitter: @ldbahr.

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