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Mars Conquers Earth

Leave it to Bruno Mars to make something as simple as getting the mail absolutely swoonworthy. Jill Greenberg’s photos were delicious, and Leah Greenblatt asked all the right questions. The only thing that could have made it any better is if the issue had been scratch and sniff. I bet he smells like butterscotch and rainbows.


Tonawanda, N.Y.

The image of Bruno Mars with a black leopard on a leash (as if it were a docile pet) is sending the wrong message to your readers. A pop star can often serve as a role model for younger fans who might not be aware that there is anything wrong with treating a dangerous animal as a plaything.


Los Angeles

Screen Queen

I was very happy to see your profile of Andrea Martin, one of the great unsung heroines of comedy (News and Notes). But among her “many faces,” you should have included one of the most unusual: Ishka (“Moogie”) of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Ferengi mother to Quark and Rom, secret feminist, and entrepreneur on a notoriously sexist planet. A hilarious and memorable portrayal with great social satire.


Las Vegas

Two Monster Talents Remembered

Thank you for your tribute to The Young and the Restless’ Jeanne Cooper (What’s Hot on EW.com). I have watched the soap since I was a teenager, and my friend and I called her “One Finger” due to her predisposition to old-school soap opera acting, with extra emphasis on her hands and fingers. (I often joked that E.T. learned to act by watching her.) She was a true TV icon.


Greenwood, S.C.

Over the years, I enjoyed much of Ray Harryhausen’s work without ever knowing his name. As I read your bit about the special-effects wizard (Movies), I kept repeating his last name — then it rang a bell. Not mentioned was his namesake restaurant in my family’s favorite film, Monsters, Inc. It was so popular and exclusive, all the monsters wanted in. What a fitting tribute.



Multiple Personalities

Jeff Jensen nailed it in “The Geek TV Revolution” (TV): Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany deserves a handful of Emmy nods for playing numerous unique characters. She may be a clone, but she’s no copycat!




Mad Men’s Betty, Reborn?

January Jones’ character has been alternately demonized and diminished in years past. But as season 6 inches toward the finale, has the often desperate housewife come into her own? Readers respond to our online analysis.

Betty is one of my favorite characters on Mad Men — I’ve always found her sympathetic. Even though she’s never been perfect, she has acknowledged her weaknesses and worked to better herself. I sort of loved her using Don for a little sex. She’s gotten her groove back, and I could not be happier for her. — JMM

The power reversal in her and Don’s relationship was great. While I’ve liked some of Don’s mistresses, I don’t think he’s worked as well or been as fascinating with any of them as he is with Betty. They have this weird, great chemistry where they simultaneously seem terrible and perfect for each other. — Angela

I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of Betty’s prickly, narcissistic side. Sure, she’s enjoying being ambitious on Henry’s behalf, but she could soon experience the hard realities of being a political wife in that era (Happy Rockefeller and Pat Nixon, anyone?). Peggy gets my vote as the most interesting role on the show. — Lyn

January Jones, and by proxy Betty, has gotten short shrift by Mad Men’s fans and writers alike. The actress has proved many times that she can pour it on when it’s called for. The May 26 episode was a shining moment, and hopefully an evolution for the character that will continue. — Sabredj


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Loved Dalton Ross’ ideas for saving Idol. This season, I fast-forwarded through the fluff to watch Candice. My dream panel: Simon Cowell, Keith Urban, and Pink.