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Twitter banners backfire on 'Bachelorette'

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Bachelorette Tweet

Though it’s pretty much irrefutable that Desiree and the suitors’ horrific rap video was the most embarrassing part of last night’s Bachelorette, ABC’s decision to flash live tweets at the bottom of the televised broadcast didn’t sit very well with some fans either.

It wasn’t the first time Bachelor/ette episodes featured an online component. And most of last night’s Twitter commentary (which does not appear on the show’s Hulu’s edition) was benign, giving viewers a chance to good-spiritedly poke fun at the men’s intentions or declare who they thought was “the one” for Des. But one Bachelorette devotee named Alexa Stout cut the net’s interactivity scheme down to size in just 92 characters:

As our eagled-eyed recap commenters noted, there was also at least one tweet in favor of the social integration, but that Stout’s tweet made it to air at all brings to mind a few questions: Who was curating the comments? Does he or she still have a job? Will we see more tweets on-screen as the season continues, or have execs pulled the plug after growing dissatisfaction from fans?

EW reached out to ABC for answers, but representatives for the network had not responded at time of press.

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