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Arrested Development: How much have you watched of season 4?

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Binge Watching Arrested Development
Adam Taylor/Netflix

Much like Gob on the cross, Arrested Development made its return from the presumed dead this past weekend on Netflix for a 15-episode fourth season that was available all at once. (Read Annie Barrett’s episode by episode take.) Whether you did a full-on Sunday Bluth Binge — who needs sunlight? — or are slowly working your way through the family’s latest misadventure, now’s the time to weigh in on what you’ve seen so far. Plus, you can find out what other EW.com readers/Bluthaholics are thinking.

Before you begin your almost mandatory re-watch to catch all the Easter Anns Eggs, make your voice heard in a whole slew of polls about the new episodes, below:

SPOILER ALERT! The next few polls refer to the last couple of episodes’ plot specifics. Reading on before watching the entire show would be a huge mistake.

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