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'Arrested Development': Five awesome props we'll see again (and one we won't) in season four

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When Arrested Development returns for a long-awaited fourth season on Netflix this Sunday, audiences will finally be reunited with Michael, Gob, Buster, and the rest of the Bluth clan. But along with the characters, some well-known props — which are essential to the show’s many sight gags — are making a comeback.

Since many of the original props were auctioned off, returned to their rightful owners, or disappeared altogether after the series ended its run on Fox in 2006, property master Greg Finnin was tasked with re-creating the family’s possessions.

Read on to find out which iconic props we’ll see again, and which member of the Bluth family we won’t see in season four.

The Cornballer

“At first it wasn’t going to come back and then it [did],” Finnin says about the Cornballer, which had to be recreated. “The original Cornballer was made from a small deep fryer. It was only available in England, so we had to get something that was very close to it that was available in the United States. It’s not the same Cornballer, but it’s close enough.”

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