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Sexy Lawyers? No Objection Here.

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Season 3 of the banter-y legal drama promises more twists: power struggles in the newly merged firm’s hallways and — like that final scene of last season in the file room — those of a more romantic nature. How do Gabriel Macht, 41, who plays Harvey Specter, and Patrick J. Adams, 31, who stars as Mike Ross, know their show has struck a chord? Two words: crazy fans. Here, they explain Suits mania.

1. Fans buy them drinks


[”Costars”] Rick Hoffman and Meghan Markle and I decided to go out and grab a drink in Toronto. Everyone wanted to buy us drinks. It was the first time that had happened, so I was like, ”Sure, I’ll let you buy me a drink.” Suddenly I have, like, 12 drinks in front of me, and I’m like, I’ve got to start pouring them on the ground and pretending.


Thank God I didn’t get in. I went to meet them. The bar was closing in 15 minutes, and the bouncer was like, ”$25.” I started to walk away, and the guy behind me was like, ”You’re not gonna let Harvey Specter in here?!”


You’re like Gordon Gekko for a whole new generation, man.

2. Fans find their filming locations


We have, like, 200 people across the street watching the scenes. They’re huge fans and we’re very grateful for them, but one night we were shooting by the glass wall in the lobby, and this guy runs up and throws himself into the glass. Before the police grab him, he’s jumping up and down: ”You guys are the s—, man! You guys are the motherf—in’ s—!”


Maybe we got some of it for a blooper reel.

3. Fans include the Fonz


I ran into Henry Winkler, and he said, ”Please go up to every one of your castmates and give them a big hug and tell them that I love their character and I love the show.”


So where’s my hug? [”They stand and embrace.”]