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NBA playoffs: All-star jams

If you can’t make it to South Florida to catch LeBron & Co. in the NBA playoffs, Heat music curator DJ Irie provides his playlist for at-home programming

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”Our intro music this year is the White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army,’ but it doesn’t have a huge significance — people are going to scream for the players regardless. When they see LeBron James, you could be playing Pavarotti in the background. The music just has to be powerful.”


”When the players first enter the floor I’ll do a mix of stuff I know they like because I know what’s on their iPods. Dwyane Wade is big on Rick Ross and Young Jeezy; LeBron is big on Kendrick Lamar and Big K.R.I.T. and 2 Chainz. Mario Chalmers, he loves Lil Boosie. Udonis [Haslem] is a Miami dude to the core. He tells me, ‘Just give me that Miami stuff. Keep it 305.’ Earlier in the season, LeBron started doing crazy dunks during shootarounds, and it just took. So that’s when T.I.‘s [right] ‘Bring Em Out‘ or DMX’s ‘Party Up’ or 2 Chainz’ ‘I’m Different’ comes out. Sometimes the other team got so wrapped up in the dunks and the music that they just stopped and watched.”


”Let’s say Birdman [Chris Andersen] gets a huge block. That’s like LeBron getting a huge dunk — people are fired up. So I like to bust out J. Lo and Flo Rida‘s ‘Goin’ In.”’


”There was a moment during the last game of the Bulls series where there was a big time-out, and it felt like we could close it out. So I played a mash-up of the [Black Eyed Peas’] ‘I Gotta Feeling’ vocal over [Calvin Harris’] ‘Feel So Close’ beat.”


”It’s the home stretch, do-or-die — so I leave the DJ booth, we pop on House of Pain‘s ‘Jump Around,’ and we get everyone to literally jump around.”


”We do tend to win a lot of games, but we don’t gloat about it. So we’ll do some Pitbull [below] ‘Give Me Everything,’ some Chris Brown ‘Yeah 3x,’ Pitbull’s ‘Don’t Stop the Party.’ That’s a great one, because we have a nightclub inside the arena. Flo Rida is in there, Rick Ross is in there. So we win, we play ‘Don’t Stop the Party,’ and that’s everybody’s cue to make a left, hit the club, and celebrate.”