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The Good Nurse

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THE GOOD NURSE by Charles Graeber

The Good Nurse

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Charles Graeber

We gave it an A

How many patients did nurse Charlie Cullen kill by lethal injection over the years? Forty, as originally estimated, or closer to 400, as some investigators later believed? Cullen doesn’t deny either number, the latter of which would make him the most prolific killer in American history. In The Good Nurse Graeber, working with surgeonlike precision, pieces together the story by talking to everyone, including the uneasy nurses who instinctively sensed ”a new night wind blowing their patients away” after Cullen was hired; the dogged detectives who finally took the case; and the murderer himself, in his only interview from prison. Put this one on the shelf next to Ann Rule’s classic about Ted Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me — it’s that good. A