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Arrested Development: Our favorite 'sweet' Bluth family moments

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Arrested Development 15
Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Family love Michael and we all love the Bluths. In the lead-up to the fourth season premiere of Arrested Development on Netflix this Sunday, I thought back on the sweetest, most tender moments from the show’s whole crew. Of course, since this is Arrested — even their most heartwarming scenes have some kind of twisted take.

Check out a few moments that had viewers cringing and “aww-ing” all at once below (like George Michael and Maeby’s entire relationship!), and then add your own picks in the comments.

1.) When you think of karaoke with your niece (to prove a point to your son), it’s best to stay away from any tunes that involve lyrics like, “My motto’s always been when it’s right it’s right.” Unfortunately, the innocent-seeming title of “Afternoon Delight” tricks Michael and Maeby into crooning the surprisingly sexy tune at each other. It’s probably best that they avoided each other for the rest of the party.

2.) Lindsay and Tobias don’t exactly have the best marriage. But their bumbling attempts to have an open marriage — which they’re both always unable to go through with — is sort of sweet, in a “True Life: I’m Married To A Never-Nude” kind of way.

3.) Show of hands: Despite their better judgement, were there any viewers out there who weren’t silently hoping George Michael and Maeby wouldn’t eventually wind up together and re-enact their own Les Cousins Dangereux? That’s why when it comes to family, we’re a fan of this pair’s crazy, messed-up love….even if they may have brought the house down when they started getting physical.

4.) Gob and Michael are always in competition with each other, often thanks to some scheming by George. But occasionally, the two agree to come together and help each other out. After the disaster of quickly building a house, the brothers agree to not let their dad get in the way of their relationship. The sweet sentiment doesn’t last long, but it’s about as tender as the Bluths get.

5.) Sure, the party didn’t end well. (Do Bluth parties ever?) But for one beautiful moment the Bluths all joined together to throw a “Welcome, Rita!” party for Michael. In terms of “aww” moments, it sure beats what happened next: The Bluth family drugging and knocking out Rita in a mobile cabin.

What are your favorite tender(ish) moments featuring the world’s most dysfunctional family? And no, Lucille’s declaration that she “doesn’t care for Gob” doesn’t count.

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