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'The Office' series finale is tonight. Here's your catch-up guide

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The Office

Listen up, fans of Dunder Mifflin. I hope you’re preparing to say your final goodbyes to Jim,Pam, Dwight, Andy, and, if the rumors are true, maybe even Michael tonight. Over nine seasons the Scranton paper company has provided all the laughs (“Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica”) and the gut punches (“I love Italian food”) that you would expect from one of the best comedies. But they’re finally closing up shop for good tonight, and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen in the final 75 minutes. At the end of the last episode, the whole gang gathered at Poor Richard’s to watch the premiere of the documentary about their office that they started filming all those years ago.

If you’ve stopped watching recently but plan on tuning back in tonight, never fear. Below, five things you need to know from this season so that you can be on the same page as the Dunder Mifflin crew. 

1.) Jim and Pam on the rocks. Jim and Pam have had some relationship problems this season that culminated in them seeking couples counseling. And while that’s been a major bummer, the last few episodes showing them re-learn how to communicate with each other has been an unexpected romantic treat. Most recently, Jim turned down a sports job in Philly he was doing part-time to stay in Scranton with Pam, and he’s been performing some seriously romantic gestures, like finally giving her the card that was in her teapot Christmas present all those years ago. Want a quick swoon? Check out when Jim enlists the documentary crew’s help to show how much Pam means to him.

2.) Andy is an actor. Andy — after being named manager once Michael left — quit his job a few weeks ago to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor full-time. It’s not going well for everyone’s favorite Cornell grad. Thanks to his agent (Roseanne Barr) he’s gotten a part in a science education video, but beyond that, it’s looking like a return to sales is likely. Most recently he unsuccessfully attempted to audition for an American Idol-type show (with judge Clay Aiken!) and he must now figure out his next step.

3.) Erin has been in a love triangle with Andy and new Dunder Mifflin employee Pete (Jake Lacy). She’s currently dating Pete, but it’ll be interesting to see where she is six months after the documentary airs, which is what the show will explore tonight.

4.) Believe the rumors: Dwight is finally Regional Manager of the Scranton branch. As for Jim, now that he’s back in Scranton full-time, Dwight names him Assistant to the Regional Manager. The assistant to the assistant? Thanks to some clever trickery by Jim, Dwight is his own assistant’s assistant. The prank pulling may be short-lived. While Jim has seemingly turned down further opportunities with his sports company because it would require traveling out west, Daryl has hopped aboard and quit Dunder Mifflin. Jim has convincingly assured Pam he’s fine in Scranton, but for the long haul with Dunder Mifflin? Unlikely.

5.) Angela and Dwight Forever. The creepiest relationship in Scranton may just ride off into the beet farm sunset yet. Angela was married to a state senator, Robert, but when he came out as gay (and Oscar’s boyfriend!) she found herself needing to pick up the pieces. She had a son, Phillip,  and until last week people thought the child was the senator’s. But Dwight, after a heart-to-heart with Jim, told Angela that she was the one, and that he would love her child as his own and asks her to marry him — and gives her his grandmother’s “buttock bullet ring.” Only after he said that did she reveal that the baby actually was his all along. Will there be wedding bells at Schrute Farms before the mockumentary end credits roll? Ummm…are bobbleheads with your likeness amazing? Go ahead and bet on it.

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